About Rebecca

I am an embroidery artist based in Manchester.


I use a combination of traditional hand embroidery techniques and contemporary “thread painting” styles to create artwork that can be worn on clothes or hung on the wall. 

I began stitching in 2016 as a way to

de-stress and it's turned into something of a professional-hobby.

My main focus is nature and in particular landscapes. You'll find some nature-motif in nearly all of my work and when I'm not stitching you'll find me walking/hiking with my partner-in-adventure Mike (my boyfriend, who has long suffered with needles, thread ends and fabric cut offs strewn around the house). 

I am passionate about advocating for arts and crafts as activities that encourage creativity and well-being. So, as well as creating my own pieces, I run workshops for a variety of audiences. I used to be a primary school teacher and made sure to get textiles projects into every term and ran a craft club once a week. 

If you'd be interested in attending a workshop, ordering an embroidery or would like to get in touch to talk all things stitching, then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Rebecca (or Becky!) x

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