Ara the altar

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Ara the altar comprises of jewellery created from responsibly sourced silver and gold.

Founded by Lauren King, her pieces are created from inspiration in astronomy, nature, and the ancient world's fascinating relationship with both.

Tell us a bit about how you began making jewellery.

The first time I played with silversmithing I was still working in the fashion industry as a shoot producer. I'd found myself in a pretty logistical role and was craving a bit of a creative outlet and more of a work/life balance. At the time I loved silver jewellery but never managed to find exactly what I had dreamt up in my mind. On a bit of whim I booked onto a one day silversmithing course.

On the day I remember drinking up as much information as I could - I was fixated with the process and creating something I never before thought possible. I came away really excited and over the years I built up a collection of tools to develop my practice from home.

Many moons later, after taking more steps to lessen my own environmental impact, I was repeatedly frustrated with retailers' limited assurances concerning where and how their products were made. Ara the altar began as a project for me to support the slow fashion movement and