Into the Gathering Dusk & Tag You're It

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The first interview feature on The Maker Narratives is a unique one. You don't often find a mother & daughter pair who each create their own beautiful products (particularly when the daughter is 10 years old!) but Emma and Leila are both brilliant examples of creativity and resilience: passionate about what they make and finding ways to make it successful, each overcoming different obstacles. It was an honour to find out more about them and their work.

Emma's business, Into the Gathering Dusk (also referred to as itgd), is a botanical drinks project. She runs pop up cocktail bars, events and workshops where people can share ideas and learn to make their own drinks. She also sells her drinks as gift sets.

Leila's business, Tag You're It, uses ethical products such as beeswax to make cruelty free skincare. She gives 10% of her profits to the Black Lives Matter movement and uses her Instagram account to spread awareness.