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Updated: Feb 27

I've been reading so many amazing articles recently on the impact that crafting can have on well-being and mental health. I also make a lot of claims that embroidery can aid mental well-being, so I thought I should back up my arguments with the sources I used to come to that conclusion.

To keep a record of all these great articles, I thought I would store them on my blog. I'll also keep great websites here for learning to embroider.

Online articles

(In date reverse order)

Crafts and Mental Health

Arts and crafts activity

, Time to Change

How arts can help improve your mental health

, Dorien Eising, Mental Health Foundation (June 2019)

4 Reasons Craft is Good for your Mental Health

, Isabella Smith, Crafts Council (May 2019)

7 Easy Ways to get Crafting to Boost your Mental Health

, Isabella Smith, Crafts Council (May 2019)

The calming effects of sewing can help people express and heal themselves

, Clare Hunter, The Guardian (February 2019)

Crafting together for better mental health

, Jayanthi, Mind (November 2017)

A stitch in time saves stress down the line

, Karen Kay, The Guardian (April 2017)

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